Philip Durbin

Philip Durbin

Software Developer, Dataverse, Data Science
Philip Durbin

Phil joined the Dataverse team as a software developer in December 2012, but his history with IQSS goes back to 2006. A fan of all sorts of data, he loves that is the Dataverse's home on the web. With a degree in Psychology from the University of Dayton, he's somewhat content with DVN 3.x's current emphasis on social science data, but he's thrilled that Dataverse 4.0 opens the door to datasets from astrophysics, the life sciences, geography, and additional disciplines in the future. Early exposure to open source as a philosophy and methodology lead Phil to pursue a career in computing, where he has spent many years enjoying (and sometimes fighting with) Linux. His personal website is and he can often be found lurking in the #dataverse IRC channel on freenode.

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CGIS Knafel K330
p: 617-384-5064

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