Plamen Nikolov

Plamen Nikolov

Lecturer, Harvard Kennedy School and Economics, Harvard University
Plamen Nikolov

Plamen Nikolov received his doctorate from Harvard in 2013. His research interests are broadly in applied microeconomics with focus on education, health and savings behavior.

His current theoretical work examines the interplay between time and risk preference in the context of technology adoption patterns. His current empirical work focuses on the significance of cognitive capital: the effect of micronutrient deficiency in utero and subsequent household behavioral responses in Africa. Plamen also focuses on the economics of infectious diseases, and its interaction with decisions about labor supply and educational investments. Plamen has been part of a research team, under Lawrence Katz at the Economics Department and the National Bureau of Economic Research, overseeing a randomized housing mobility experiment Moving-to-Opportunity (MTO). The MTO study exploits random assignment in the receipt of Section 8 vouchers in the U.S. in attempt to quantify the effect of poor neighborhoods on individual economic, criminal and health outcomes.

Plamen holds an MA in International Economics and International Relations from Johns Hopkins University (SAIS) and a AB in Mathematics/Economics. His hobbies include long-distance running, biking and tennis.

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