Technology Products

"We create innovative, production-ready tools that improve the research cycle and enhance scholarly recognition"

Kevin Condon, Software Development Team

Our software products originate from research and scholarly needs. They are built in a reusable and scalable fashion to ensure that all scholars can benefit from them. We welcome contributions to our development efforts from the open-source community.

Access to powerful computing and storage resources via a persistent desktop environment that allows you to continue to remain connected from any place. 
RCE Project

For information on getting started:

A platform to build academic sites. If you are a Harvard scholar, create a personal site at:
Scholars at Harvard 
For a group, center or Project site:
Projects at Harvard 
For information on the software:
OpenScholar Project

The Dataverse Network
A repository to share, preserve and analyze research data, where each virtual archive -named Dataverse - can be branded or embedded into the researcher's web site. Hosted at Harvard:
IQSS Dataverse Network

For information on the software:

An easy-to-use statistical program that can estimate, help interpret, and present the results of a large range of statistical methods.
Zelig Project

A new way to read, organize, understand and derive insights from large sets of documents. Coming soon.