Data Science & Products

IQSS researches and develops production-ready software tools - a unique undertaking in an academic environment. While social science research drives us, we strive to create broad-based, powerful, scalable, extendable products that will be useful in diverse research domains and scholarly environments.  We aim to build tools that will enable breakthrough advances in a sweeping range of social problems.

In particular, our Data Science and Product Development team combines expertise in software engineering, statistical innovation, and data curation to build applications for sharing, exploring, and analyzing data in today's data-intensive research environment. IQSS currently is working on the following software projects:

OpenScholar is open source software built on Drupal that allows end users to easily create dynamic and customizable academic web sites. Each site comes with a suite of apps, widgets and themes, enabling users to build and manage feature-rich web sites.
Zelig: Everyone's Statistical Software is an interface that allows a large body of different statistical models in the R statistical language to be implemented and interpreted in a common framework.
Dataverse is a software framework that enables the hosting of research data repositories. It provides a preservation and archival infrastructure, and allows researchers to share, keep control of, and get recognition for their data through an easy to access web browser interface.