Applied Stats Workshop (Gov 3009)


Wednesday, April 25, 2018, 12:00pm to 1:30pm


CGIS Knafel K354
The Applied Statistics Workshop (Gov 3009) meets all academic year, Wednesdays, 12pm-1:30pm, in CGIS K354. This workshop is a forum for advanced graduate students, faculty, and visiting scholars to present and discuss methodological or empirical work in progress in an interdisciplinary setting. The workshop features a tour of Harvard's statistical innovations and applications with weekly stops in different fields and disciplines and includes occasional presentations by invited speakers. Free lunch is provided. Jeff Gill presents Models for Identifying Substantive Clusters and Fitted Subclusters in Social Science Data Unseen grouping, often called latent clustering, is a common feature in social science data. Subjects may intentionally or unintentionially group themselves in ways that complicate the statistical analysis of substantively important relationships. This work introduces a new model-based clustering design which incorporates two sources of heterogeneity. The first source is a random effect that introduces substantively unimportant grouping but must be accounted-for.n The second source is more important and more difficult to handle since it is directly related to the relationships of interest in the data. We develop a model to handle both of these challenges and apply it to data on terrorist groups, which are notoriously hard to model with conventional tools.