CGA Virtual Forum 2022: The Uneven Geography of Climate Change


Friday, May 20, 2022, 10:30am to 12:30pm


Virtual via Zoom

Globe with title The Uneven Geography of Climate Change

A changing climate impacts everyone’s ability to feed and support themselves, but not equally and not randomly. As the largest agricultural workforce in the world, farmers in India demonstrated in late 2021 that radical and inclusive democratic mobilization can be a force for foundational change in policies that maintain and even exacerbate inequities in climate impacts. Their protests and legislative victories come as COP26 concludes with a new resolve to address greenhouse gas emissions, driven by the now obvious and urgent impacts of a warming climate on the globe’s most vulnerable populations and places. Whether borne of grassroot movements or the top-down directives of industrialized nations, actions to address climate change must react to and target the inequities of its effects. What is the geography of these inequities?  How are they shaping and distorting attitudes and responses? How might the tools of geography lead to a better understanding of climate change-driven inequities and their mitigation? 

In this virtual forum, invited speakers and registered attendees will explore the geographic manifestation of climate change-driven inequity, and survey data and technology that can advance a geographic perspective on these inequities. We look to examine geographic perspectives on policies, conflicts, disasters, population movements, predictions, models,  and other spatially modulated climate effects. We plan to highlight tools that provide insights on geographic changes in physical climate parameters as well as on attitudes and perceptions. We will consider opportunities provided by high performance computing and the use of big data. Discussions will target methods to measure impacts at the human scale, and analytical approaches attuned to questions of climate equity within and between nations, whether social or economic, across racial and ethnic divides, or along dimensions of personal, family, and community health.

This event is free and open to the public. To attend, please register here.