Research Data Management


Thursday, September 3, 2020, 1:30pm to 3:30pm


Online: Zoom

Want to be more efficient and save time doing your research and collaborating with others? Looking for new ways to promote your work and make a worldwide impact? Then come to this workshop to learn techniques and services to help you manage your research data. You will learn practices that ensure that your research is documented, reproducible, and accessible long-term. This includes how to acquire specialized data for your research, resources and tools to support your use of data throughout your research lifecycle, complying with internal and external data policies and regulations, and making data from Harvard researchers available to others where feasible.

This class, a combination of seminar and discussion, will highlight robust data management and documentation practices to help you, your future self and fellow researchers be successful in these areas.

This workshop will be delivered by the HBS Research Computing Services group in partnership with the Data Science Services group at IQSS.

Visit the Harvard Training Portal for details and registration information (requires HarvardKey).