Bilsi Balakrishnan

Bilsi Balakrishnan

Software Development Lead, OpenScholar
Bilsi Balakrishnan

Bilsi comes from a technical background with a degree in engineering. She has had a wide experience in different industries and now looks forward to working on the OpenScholar project. She is looking forward to playing a key role in the technical advancement of OpenScholar, an open source web application project that has transformed academic web site development at Harvard and other academic institutions. She is excited about working with the team to enhance the product and improve the user experience. She looks forward to the challenges of increasing the user base and working with the team to make the product more user friendly. She wants to help to manage, monitor, and implement best practices for the OpenScholar user feedback system, and help to ensure that feedback is prioritized, users receive a response, and appropriate action is taken.

Contact Information

125 Mt. Auburn St.
Cambridge, MA 02138
p: (617) 495-3052

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