Faaiza Rashid

Faaiza Rashid

Graduate Student, Department of Sociology
Faaiza Rashid

Faaiza is a PhD candidate in Organizational Behavior, a joint program between the Department of Sociology, Harvard University, and the Harvard Business School. Faaiza’s research interests span cultural sociology, group dynamics, and cross-boundary collaborations. In particular, Faaiza examines the interpersonal dynamics of multidisciplinary, cross-cultural groups and their consequences for individual, group, and organizational outcomes. She investigates how groups and organizations can better manage their diverse resources and memberships and at the same time increase their effectiveness.

Faaiza has a long standing interest in using both quantitative and qualitative methods to build knowledge on previously under-studied phenomenon. In the past Faaiza has studied teams in the U.S. construction industry, a context known for its contentious legal history and pervasive mistrust between project stakeholders. Her research in this setting examines people’s interpersonal enactment of trust repair in the face of an overwhelming, institutional context of mistrust and she explicates the relation of trust repair to performance enhancing learning-oriented and accountability-oriented behaviors. Faaiza has also studied crisis response and rescue teams. Most recently she studied the interdisciplinary, multi-organization, and cross-national team that rescued the trapped Chilean miners in 2010. In this study she explicates the nature and dynamics of collaborations that enable people to swiftly learn, innovate, and execute in parallel under novel, complex circumstances. She is currently conducting a multi-method field to examine interpersonal dynamics of accountability in multicultural, interdisciplinary groups in new product development and the built environment. Taken together Faaiza’s research contributes to scholarship on effective learning, accountability, trust building, and collaboration across disciplines, cultures, and organizations.

Faaiza has been a teaching fellow for Sociology 109, Leadership and Organizations at Harvard University. She has been a team advisor for Harvard’s New Orleans Immersion Experience Program. She holds a Masters of Science in Technology and Policy from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Bachelors of Science in Chemical Engineering, and Bachelor of Arts in International Relations from Lehigh University. Faaiza has also been a fellow at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, Washington D.C.

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