Fei (formerly Meng) Carnes

Fei (formerly Meng) Carnes

Junior GIS Specialist, Center for Geographic Analysis
Fei (formerly Meng) Carnes

Fei joined the CGA as a Junior GIS Specialist in 2013. In the past, she worked for a hydrological engineering company in Boston and several environmental organizations as a GIS and technical support specialist to produce GIS maps, organize and manage geospatial databases, and assist nontechnical users with GIS software issues. Her special interests involve applying GIS (including web-mapping), Remote Sensing, and statistics techniques into LULC, public health, sustainable development, and risk assessment. She received her Master's degree in GIS from Clark University, and published her research in the International Journal of Applied Geospatial Research in 2012.

Contact Information

1737 Cambridge St, K00A
Cambridge MA, 02138
p: 617-496-4273

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