Fernando Martel Garcia

Fernando Martel Garcia

Research Fellow, Harvard School of Public Health
Fernando Martel Garcia

At HSPH Fernando is developing a research program on state capacity and health systems reform; revising and updating the doctoral curriculum on the political economy of health systems; and advising doctoral students on research design issues.

Fernando's own research focuses on the comparative political economy of public service provision in developing countries.  His interests range from macro questions of how regime types affect health outcomes, to micro questions of local accountability and access to sanitation, piped water and electricity in Mexico.  Where possible he tries to state theories and testable predictions using the formal tools of rational choice and game theory.

Open to any methodology that gives the most statistical power for given data and resources, Fernando is primarily motivated by policy questions.  His methodological work focuses on causal inference and research design.  He has ongoing work on causal inference in time series cross section,  randomization for social experiments, and external validity.

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