Ronice Quadros

Ronice Quadros

Linguistics, Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina
Visiting Professor
Ronice Quadros

Visiting professor at Harvard University

Professor at Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina (UFSC) in Brazil

In the last five years, Ronice Quadros has been conducting research specifically looking at bimodal bilinguals heritage signers; however she has been conducting research related in some ways to this topic since 1995, when she started to build a sign language acquisition database in Brazil. From 1995 to now, she had established a Sign Language Acquisition Lab at UFSC, where it has a longitudinal database with several cases of sign language acquisition, with Deaf and hearing children, as well data from experimental studies including hearing and Deaf children acquiring both, sign and speech. Besides this, she has been conducting research related to methodological aspects applied to sign language research. Also, she is leading the National Brazilian Sign Language Corpus project, building a database of Deaf adults and heritage signers productions. Her research activities are related to Sign Language Studies, focus on Sign Language Acquisition, Bimodal Bilingualism, Sign Language Translation, Sign Language Interpretation and Sign language policies.

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