Reducing Misinformation on Social Media

Faculty lead: Gary King, Albert J. Weatherhead III University Professor; Director, IQSS

Help us curb the spread of misinformation in social media! In this job, you'll help us track who is spreading misinformation. However, instead of just passively keeping track of these users, you will help us actively implement an experiment where we strategically engage in conversation with these users in an effort to promote healthier conversations.

Job qualifications

  • Must be fluent in social media (i.e., be highly familiar with Twitter conversational styles, norms, platform features, etc.)
  • Must be available for at least 5 hours a week
  • Interest in political and vaccine misinformation is a plus

To apply

If you are interested in this job, please contact Sophie Hill ( for more details on the role, training, and timeline.Person at laptop browsing social media on a phone