Scientific Program Support

Tyler VanderWeele

"IQSS has been a tremendous support in the formation and sustaining of the Human Flourishing Program at Harvard. Without the infrastructure provided by IQSS and the guidance we had from Gary King, our program quite simply wouldn't exist."  – Tyler VanderWeele, IQSS Affiliate

IQSS partners with faculty and researchers to incubate data-intensive social science research initiatives. This process involves working as a team to move the idea through the incubation life cycle, which includes discovery, development, launch, growth, and assessment.

IQSS supports the development of each program by administering research dollars, hiring students and staff, coordinating logistics, and managing resources.

Since its inception, IQSS has helped over 30 research programs thrive and significantly advance research across many disciplines.  Several initiatives have grown into independent organizations within other parts of the University or have become non-profit or for-profit entities outside of Harvard.

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