Harvard-Wide Partnerships

We practice “extreme cooperation” wherever possible, including through large-scale, Harvard-wide strategic partnerships.  We are proud to have developed expertise and products that are leveraged centrally to benefit the entire University, its academic community, and numerous faculty, students, and staff. Here are a few:

The Harvard Dataverse is a collaboration between IQSS, the Harvard Library, and Harvard University Information Technology (HUIT).  It's an installation of our Dataverse software that allows researchers from across Harvard (and the world) to store, share, keep control of, and get recognition for their data.  IQSS, the Library, and HUIT are proud that the Harvard Dataverse hosts and manages the world’s largest collection of research datasets from diverse disciplines (with over 750,000 files and over 1,000,000 downloads).  The Harvard Dataverse is the recommended repository for data created by Harvard researchers.

Harvard Web Publishing (HWP) is a joint endeavor by IQSS, HUIT, and Harvard Public Affairs and Communications (HPAC).  Powered by our OpenScholar software, HWP offers the Harvard community a cost-effective and sustainable solution for creating academic websites.  Through this offering, IQSS, HUIT, and HPAC have enabled the creation of nearly 5,000 Harvard websites to date.
The Applied Statistics Workshop is a forum at which graduate students and faculty from across Harvard, as well as visiting scholars from around the world, meet weekly to present and discuss methodological and empirical work in progress in an interdisciplinary setting.  The workshop features a tour of Harvard's statistical innovations and applications with weekly stops in different fields and disciplines.

In addition to the above initiatives, IQSS collaborates with many other groups at Harvard and organizations around the world. We also have played a role in the establishment of a variety of other types of groups, including independent nonprofits, commercial entities, and Harvard organizations.