Client Support Services

Client Support Services

Our friendly, dedicated, and highly-skilled staff can provide support for all of your hardware and software needs.

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We strive to provide prompt, high-quality service to the research students, staff, and faculty within the CGIS community.

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We're here to help you with your technological needs including, but not limited to, computer, smartphone, tablet and printer issues.

Avaliable to assist you:
Monday-Friday: 9am - 5pm
Location: CGIS Knafel Building, 1737 Cambridge Street, Cambridge MA

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Self Service Resources

Connecting via VPN

Use VPN to access your network space while off campus

Connect via VPN information

Virus Protection

We provide virus protection software and services, as well as virus removal assistance

Virus protection information

Connecting to the Network

Use a network drive to securely store your files within the Harvard network

Connecting to the Harvard Network information

Confidential Data

We can assist in handling confidential data using secure storage methods

Confidential data information

Our Services

Get Help with a Computer or Network Problem

Desktop Services

We can help you with any technical and software challenges associated with your computer, tablet, printer, phone or handheld device.

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RCE Support

The Research Computing Environment provides free, remote, persistent access to a powerful cluster of servers to use statisticial software and perform other research computing tasks. 

Learn more about RCE support

Security Support

The Client Support Services group supports clients in setting up and maintaining systems that are secure for use with confidential information.

learn more about security support

Travel Consultation

Get your technology set up for traveling abroad

learn more about travel consultation

Tech Disposal

We have a variety of hardware and software solutions available to safely erase data on your system or to determine how to destroy the hard disk and recycle a system or device.

learn more about tech disposal

Common Support Requests


Network Drives (Q)

Departmental file shares provide a location for staff to store and share files and here are some insructions on how you can access these files on and off campus.

learn more about network drives


We install, troubleshoot, maintain, and recycle printers for all affiliates. We support many brands and models of printers and are happy to assist with your printing needs.

learn more about printing services

Wifi Network Access

All computers, tablets, smart phones must be registered for use before they are able to connect to the Harvard network. The registration process differs based on the type of connection you are trying to access.

learn more about wifi access

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First day at work is always very overwhelming,  and we are here to help you get setup with your office system, phone, email, printer and many other services based on your role at your department.

learn more about onboarding services

Still Need Help?

If you have any questions or need assistance with any of the services above, or any other general computing issue, please contact us.