• 2022 Dec 02

    GIS for Humanities and Social Sciences

    9:30am to 4:30pm


    CGIS South Building, room S020 (Belfer Case Study Room)

    This full-day workshop offers hands on instruction on learning and applying several GIS and mapping techniques commonly used by those practicing in the Humanities and Social Sciences. The workshop will include discussion and interactive exercises aimed to contextualize the usage of geography and maps for each participant's individual research or teaching interests.

    Specifically, the workshop will cover:

    • Introduction to and examples of the digital spatial humanities and spatial social sciences
    • Overview of a diverse range of spatial software,...
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  • 2022 Dec 06

    Geography Colloquium: Yilan Xu

    12:00pm to 1:00pm


    CGIS Knafel Building, room S050

    Speaker and Title

    Yilan Xu (University of Illinois), "Modeling the Social Media Information Network Across Space"


    This paper takes a data-driven approach to model how social media information diffuses over geographic space to form an information network. Using an innovative variance decomposition of the vector autoregression model (Diebold & Yilmaz, 2009, 2012, 2014) and Hurricane Ida as a case study, we construct a weighted and directed climate disaster information network on Twitter described by an information network adjacency matrix....

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