Data Science Services


Our team of PhD data science specialists provides research support to the Harvard community. We offer two services:

1) Consultations: receive up to 3 hours of free in-person advice on publication research issues. Our consulting service is available to faculty, postdocs, graduate students, staff, and undergraduates writing a senior thesis.

2) Collaborations: we provide extended support over the lifecycle of a research project by embedding a data science specialist in your research team. We can design and implement a data analysis pipeline for many stages of your research project, and/or develop a prototype of your software tool. Our collaboration service is limited to funded projects led by a faculty PI.

Specifically, we provide advice on:

  • Research project planning: study design and tools
  • Research data organization: sharing and secure storage
  • Research data processing / cleaning
  • Research programming (e.g., R, Python, Stata, SAS, SPSS, Matlab)
  • Selection and interpretation of statistical methods
  • Research data visualization
  • Using high performance computing (e.g., RCE, AWS)

Limitations: Please note, we do not provide support for coursework, dual purpose research (i.e., coursework that informs a publication), or consulting research/work.

To request a consultation or collaboration:

Visit the Data Science Services Website