Programs & Products

Programs & Products

IQSS houses and develops many faculty-led scientific programs, as well as software and systems tools designed to facilitate research and the use of large datasets.

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IQSS partners with faculty and researchers to incubate data-intensive social science research initiatives.

This process involves working as a team to move the idea through the incubation life cycle, which includes discovery, development, launch, growth, and assessment.

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Product Development

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Dataverse is a software platform that enables the hosting of research data repositories. It provides a preservation and archival infrastructure, and allows researchers to share, keep control of, and get recognition for their data through an easy to access web browser interface.

Website: The Dataverse Project
Website: The Harvard Dataverse
Metrics: The Harvard Dataverse Metrics
Roadmap: The Harvard Dataverse Roadmap

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In recent years, a massive growing number of digital unstructured text is becoming available for research from blogs, news articles, publications, social media, etc. In order to conceptualize this vast amount of information, it helps to classify it into clusters of related topics. Consilience aids in the discovery of clusters that work for you, in an interactive, computer-assisted fashion.

Contact: Mercè Crosas
Website: Consilience (in Beta)

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The Systems Development team innovates the next generation of systems for computational social science. They work closely with third-party cloud vendors to host technology services that have become commoditized, and they develop innovative architectures that leverage the elastic and scalable infrastructure of cloud resources, enabling the further development and integration of new technologies to make computing easier and more powerful for social science researchers.

Contact: Len Wisniewski