Extraordinary Claims Extraordinary Evidence

Extraordinary Claims, Extraordinary Evidence

The ECEE program empowers select Harvard faculty to produce social science research that will move the dominant position of the scientific community the farthest distance. Awardees will receive supercharged support from IQSS research infrastructure and personnel to develop their project.

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What ECEE offers you

ECEE awardees will receive an unusually high level of research support from IQSS infrastructure and personnel.

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Our Selection Process

The process for ECEE selection has 3 steps, beginning with the submission of your proposal.

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The program is intended for Harvard ladder faculty working in the social sciences.

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You may either make a direct submission to the program or come speak with us first to determine how we can best help you. 

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Measuring Success

We are committed to tracking the performance and impact of the Extraordinary Claims, Extraordinary Evidence Program through a rigorous and continuous evaluation program. 

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