Tech Science to Save the World Project Fair


Tuesday, May 5, 2020, 10:00am to 12:00pm


Online via Zoom

Please RSVP at

Join us on Tuesday 5/5 to see projects from students in Harvard's Tech Science to Save the World program that answer:

  • Who had to wait in line to vote in-person on April 7 in the Wisconsin Primary using cellphone GPS data?
  • How can states decide to implement vote-by-mail policies to respond to COVID-19 given their existing laws?
  • Are Apple's and Google's bluetooth-based exposure notification for COVID-19 compliant with the EU's GDPR?
  • What factors affect how much people change their behavior after starting and ending stay-at-home orders from their state's governor?
  • How much privacy are people willing to sacrifice for better contact tracing technologies?
  • Can people tell fake images created by machine learning apart from images of real humans?
  • How well can you simulate demand for bike share given past data?
  • Does Google Translate give gender-biased responses?
  • How accessible are voter registration websites in every state?
  • And more!