Announcing the Alexander and Diviya Magaro Peer Pre-Review Program at IQSS

January 10, 2019

The Institute for Quantitative Social Science is excited to announce the Alexander and Diviya Magaro Peer Pre-Review Program (PPR). PPR is designed to help IQSS-affiliated faculty improve scholarship before it becomes public, speed scientific discovery and publication, and reduce substantial inefficiencies for individual researchers.

The process of turning a draft paper into a journal publication may take months or years through multiple rounds of often peer review.  While important for the quality of science, this process is also cumbersome and frustrating.

PPR, made possible by a generous gift from Alexander and Diviya Magaro, aims to streamline this process by offering two services for draft papers written by IQSS faculty, the first being a detailed, constructive, anonymous review written by a leading outside scholar who is compensated to ensure quick delivery; the second being a full empirical replication by our internal team.  Journal editors we have talked with have indicated their willingness to use a package of papers, PPR reviews, responses from the author, and other information we provide to make faster editorial decisions.

We have begun to accept draft papers for review from IQSS-affiliated faculty.  Detailed information and future updates can be found at the program website: