GitHub Private Repositories Now Available to IQSS Researchers

March 13, 2017

IQSS is pleased to have set up a GitHub Organization that allows its entire academic research community to create free public and private repositories. Typically, only public repositories and students' private repositories are free. If you are an IQSS-affiliated scholar and are currently paying for a private GitHub repository related to your research, let us help you switch to a free one.

About GitHub

GitHub is a tool that allows collections of files, typically computer code files, to be stored together in a repository that maintains versions of the files and controls who can access them. Private repositories are used to share code that is intended to be kept private among a small working group, perhaps during its formative stage if later intended to be shared in a public repository as open source code. With a Github repository, you can integrate numerous other software development tools.

To learn how to get started with the IQSS GitHub Organization, visit the IQSS Research Technology page.