IQSS launches "Sid" cloud research software

January 24, 2018

IQSS is proud to announce the launch of a new cloud research computing cluster software, named after IQSS faculty affiliate Sidney Verba.Sid is a cloud agnostic, multi-user platform for running batched computations, interactive UI-based applications, and remote desktops. All jobs are submitted and accessed through a single web interface employing Harvard Key single sign on. Sid official launch was recently comemmorated with a launch event that welcomed its namesake, Prof. Sidney Verba, as guest of honor.

Sid Verba—Carl H. Pforzheimer University Professor Emeritus, and former Director of the University Library--is widely known on campus for repeatedly bringing together the diverse and outspoken Harvard community on the most difficult political issues of the time—from unifying Harvard’s calendar across its twelve schools, to unifying university policy toward gay servicemembers in the military, to unifying Harvard’s 99 libraries into a single entity, among many others. Just as Sid Verba helped unify many parts of Harvard, Sid, the software, will unify the way users across Harvard access research computing resources from multiple commercial, educational, state, local, and other providers in the cloud and elsewhere.

IQSS Director Gary King (R) speaks at Sid software launch