David Lazer

David Lazer

Professor, Northeastern University
David Lazer

Professor Lazer is the Director of the Program on Networked Governance (PNG) at Harvard, and Associate Professor of Public Policy. PNG is an NSF-supported program whose objective is to serve as a focal point for events, training, and research at the intersection of governance, information, technology, and networks (social and hard-wired).

Most of Lazer's work is based on the idea that how people and organizations are connected together is critical to understanding the functioning, success and failure of actors and systems. Lazer's teaching and institution building have all centered on that theme. He has taken that essential idea and, with a variety of collaborators, examined a wide array of domains.

His research covers everything from very micro social influence processes within groups, to the very macro the development of global-wide regulatory regimes. Thus, for example, he has looked at how a network of trade treaties abruptly emerged in the Europe of the 1860s, how attitudes and social structures co-evolve, and, in more recent work how the pattern of relationships affects how hard people work on teams, and how small world networks can result in system-wide 'group think.'

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