Philip Durbin

Philip Durbin

Software Developer, Dataverse
Philip Durbin

Phil joined the Dataverse team as a software developer in December 2012, but his history with IQSS goes back to 2006, when he worked on the RCE.

With a degree in Psychology from the University of Dayton, he's happy to be working at an institute dedicated to social science, and proud to be part of the team that rewrote Dataverse to be more inclusive of all science.

Phil can often be found answering questions on the Dataverse mailing list, the #dataverse IRC channel on freenode, and the bi-weekly Dataverse community call. Every month, he jots down and sends out the Dataverse Community News and always looks forward to the annual Dataverse Community Meeting.

In theory, he blogs at and his personal website is He co-founded the codecraft mailing list, made a silly mobile game with his kids, and gets over excited about open source. He has a crazy idea called Crossroads.

Contact Information

1737 Cambridge St, K330
Cambridge, MA 02138
p: 617-384-5064

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