Seminar Series: Alberto Alesina Seminar on Political Economy

The Faculty of Arts and Sciences and IQSS sponsor this seminar on formal and quantitative political research. The Alberto Alesina Seminar on Political Economy (PE) supports research-related activities that integrate the study of economics and politics, whether by studying economic behavior in the political process or political behavior in the marketplace. In general, positive political economy is concerned with showing how observed differences among institutions affect political and economic outcomes in various social, economic, and political systems and how the institutions themselves change and develop in response to individual and collective beliefs, preferences, and strategies. All interested faculty and students are invited to attend.

Note: All seminars are currently conducted online via Zoom. Links for the Alesina Seminar are distributed via the seminar's mailing list. You can sign up for the list using the following link.

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Announcement on the Seminar

Alberto Alesina was a principal organizer of, and a central participant in, the Political Economy Seminar that has been a mainstay of scholarly activity in Political Economy at Harvard for thirty years. His untimely death shocked and saddened the Political Economy community here and around the world. The Political Economy Seminar that Alberto helped run continues to meet, although we miss his trenchant comments and constant good humor. The Seminar is now organized by faculty from the departments of Economics and Government, the Harvard Kennedy School, and the Harvard Business School, and attracts scholars from around Harvard as well as other area institutions.

Today we are very pleased to announce that in Alberto’s memory we are naming the seminar “The Alberto Alesina Seminar on Political Economy.” The Seminar continues to receive support from the Faculty of Arts and Sciences and the Institute for Quantitative Social Science. In addition, it has received a very generous contribution from Eni, an Italian energy company, in honor of Alberto’s life work. We are grateful to the support we have received, and continue to receive, from all these sources, as well as from the departments of Economics and Government.

Seminar Organizing Committee

Peter Buisseret 
Jeffry Frieden 
Vincent Pons
Pia Raffler 
Dani Rodrik 
James Snyder
Marco Tabellini
David Yang 


Full Schedule

Spring 2022

  • January 27: Benjamin Enke, Harvard Department of Economics
  • February 3: Santiago Pérez, University of California, Davis
  • February 10: Nikhar Gaikwad, Columbia University
  • February 17: Guadalupe Tuñón, Princeton University
  • February 24: Jesse Shapiro, Harvard Business School
  • Friday, March 4: Michela Giorcelli, University of California, Los Angeles
  • March 10: Raquel Fernandez, New York University
  • March 24: Petra Moser, NYU Stern
  • March 31: Frederico Finan, University of California, Berkeley
  • April 7: Agustina Paglayan, University of California, San Diego
  • April 14: Helios Herrera, University of Warwick
  • April 21: Benjamin Marx, Sciences Po