Data Science Resources

IQSS provides and hosts a wide array of data science resources to facilitate and accelerate social science research.


  • Data Science Services expert help with publication research in the areas of research design, statistics, visualization, and research tools and methods
  • Center for Geographic Analysis consultation in the use of geospatial technologies
  • Program on Survey Research assistance with developing survey research projects, including project and needs assessment
  • Preceptor in Survey Research advising and instructional support on all aspects of the survey research process
  • Preceptor in Geospatial Analysis advising and instructional support on geospatial analysis topics
  • Preceptor in Statistical Methods and Mathematics (to be named) advising and instructional support in mathematical and statistical methods, and related computer support, in social and health sciences, education, public policy, and related areas



  • Zelig: Everyone's Statistical Software an interface that allows a large body of different statistical models in the R statistical language to be implemented and interpreted in a common framework
  • Harvard Dataverse is open to all researchers to be able to share, publish, and archive their data as well as find and cite data across all research fields
  • Research Computing Environment a computing cluster tuned for social science research
  • Consilience (in Beta) software that enables you to quickly read, understand, categorize, and derive insights from huge quantities of unstructured text
  • Free GitHub Private Repositories for IQSS Researchers to share research computing source code among research team members

IT Client Support Services

  • General User Services help with desktop, mobile, application, computing, and remote access needs
  • Public Labs state-of-the-art workstations loaded with the technical applications and memory needed for social science research