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  • LISHarvard
    LISHarvard Who owns the solution? This is often just one of the many #IP questions to address when considering #crowdsourcing. Have that & other legal questions answered in this video by @topcoder t.co/LpXd1SYOfs
  • RyanDEnos
    RyanDEnos We had a great discussion and it was methodologically interesting following on the Clinton and Sances piece from last week. Interesting substantive comment: think about how would be received if the dependent variable were GOP vote and paper written celebrating success of the laws t.co/wmPCFFzqwq
  • maya_sen
    maya_sen PSA! As in the past two years, I'll be tweeting out the research of female and minority job market candidates in law and political science. Let me know if you want your work (or those of your students!) promoted! 1/n
2018 Aug 22

Dataverse Open Office Hours

Repeats every week every Wednesday until Fri Sep 06 2019 except Wed Dec 30 2015, Wed Dec 28 2016, Wed Dec 27 2017, Wed Dec 26 2018.
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2018 Aug 24

Data Science Services (DSS) Office Hours

Repeats every week every Friday until Fri Sep 06 2019 except Fri Nov 27 2015, Fri Dec 25 2015, Fri Jan 01 2016, Fri Nov 11 2016, Fri Nov 25 2016, Fri Dec 23 2016, Fri Dec 30 2016, Fri Nov 10 2017, Fri Nov 24 2017, Fri Dec 22 2017, Fri Dec 29 2017, Fri Nov 23 2018.
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