IQSS Dataverse Researcher on "Beyond the Stacks" Podcast

December 12, 2017
Derek Murphy

IQSS staff member Derek Murphy recently made an appearance on Beyond the Stacks to talk about his work on Dataverse and more.

Derek Murphy, Usability Researcher on the Dataverse team at IQSS, was recently a guest on the podcast Beyond the Stacks: Innovative Careers in Library and Information Science, to discuss user experience and usability research and his work on the open-source repository that is the IQSS Dataverse. In his appearance on the podcast (of which he was also the founding host), he and the host also discuss the broader field of library science and his own academic path that has brought him to Dataverse. Follow the link below to listen to the episode.

Episode 20: Derek Murphy, Usability Researcher at Harvard IQSS

Beyond the Stacks is a podcast which interviews "interesting librarians and information science professionals and [discovers] the unexpected ways that one can use a Master’s degree in Library and Information Science."