May 2-3: 2019 CGA Conference, "The Geography of Redistricting"

April 22, 2019
May 2-3: 2019 CGA Conference, "The Geography of Redistricting"

Register now for the annual CGA Conference, "The Geography of Redistricting."

The 2019 CGA Conference aims at bringing together scholars, technologists and activists in geography, GIScience, political science, government, and mathematics, to review the current practice and implications of redistricting, examine how GIS, geospatial analysis, and big data have played a role in redistricting, explore the proper methods and techniques to ensure legitimacy and protect against gerrymandering, and discuss opportunities for improving transparency and fairness.

The event will start with a half-day workshop on Thursday afternoon, with demos of various redistricting tools and platforms, followed by a full day of plenary sessions on Friday, which will include a keynote address, presentation sessions, panel discussions, and closing remarks. Invited speakers will engage with the audience in discussions on the current status of redistricting, its political implications, tools and technologies for redistricting, and perspectives in how geographic insight and geospatial technology may help prevent gerrymandering in redistricting.

Keynote speakers this year include Stephen Ansolabehere (Harvard), Samuel Wang (Princeton), and Moon Duchin (Tufts).

For more information, including on how to register, visit the CGA event page

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