Stat/Transfer 14 Now Live

December 8, 2017

We have rolled out version 14 of Stat/Transfer to all lab workstations. New in version 14:


Stat/Transfer Version 14 has added support for the following formats:

  • Stata 15//MP
  • BayesiaLab (Write Only)
  • JSON-Stat (Read Only)

Extended Attribute Support

Variable- and File-level metadata are now supported for reading and writing from the following formats:

  • R (Attr)
  • SAS (extended attributes)
  • Stata (characteristics) 
  • JMP (attributes)
  • ASCII - Stat/Transfer Schemas

Enhanced SAS Support

  • Value Labels can now be written directly to native Windows SAS catalog files (sas7cat)
  • Optional control over date, time and date-time formats used for writing.
  • All SAS date and time formats are recognized on reading.
  • Labels for SAS extended missing are now supported.

Other New Features

  • Directory recursion is now available in the wildcard copy command
  • An extra variables can be created from the sheet name when combining worksheets
  • Extra string variables can be created from value labels when writing to delimited ASCII, described by a schema. These can then be read back in any format.
  • Much faster read of R files.
  • Postgres support in ODBC.

Larger Limits

  • Excel Files > 4 GB
  • SAS files > 32K variables 
  • Stata Files > 32K variables
  • dBASE > 2GB