hand drawn graph on a table with pens and a rulerWe are committed to tracking the performance and impact of the Extraordinary Claims, Extraordinary Evidence Program through a rigorous and continuous evaluation program. The ultimate, long-term outcome we hope to impact is the empowerment of scholars to effect a major change in the dominant view of their academic field. We will do this by providing the infrastructure and personnel scholars need to collect evidence for their extraordinary claim.

Our evaluation plan focuses on measuring our success in improving the ability of participating scholars to make a case for their extraordinary claim.  We will also track the outcomes of all papers. Participants are asked to complete a short baseline evaluation survey, and will be asked to complete a short final evaluation survey after their paper is published.

Measured from Participant Feedback:

  • Overall satisfaction with the resources IQSS makes available
  • Perceived impact of IQSS resources on ability to support the extraordinary claim

Measured from paper outcomes:

  • Whether the paper that includes the extraordinary claim is successfully published
  • Quality of journal of eventual publication (impact-factor)
  • Amount of attention the press pays to the published paper and extraordinary claim
  • Number of citations the paper with the extraordinary claim accrues within the first 5 years