Selection Process

1. Submissions are accepted on the Submissions webpage.

2. We will forward your submission for review to an ad hoc selection committee of Harvard faculty from the relevant field. We aim to complete this step within 1 month.

3. If your submission is selected for the program, we will meet with relevant IQSS staff to align the research needs of your project with available IQSS resources. We aim to complete this step within 2 weeks.

4. The relevant IQSS staff members will then set up meetings with you to move the project along. 

Feel free to propose whatever you think would be required to collect and analyze the necessary extraordinary evidence for your extraordinary claim, even if not apparently efficient, but please be creative in thinking of this from the perspective of the Harvard social science community in addition to yourself. Please comment upon whether the intended research project might be sufficient to establish your extraordinary claim on its own; whether it will supplement future other work being carried out by you or others; and how the results of this research may influence others to follow this research path or change their views.

IQSS can only support a small number of investigators at any time, so apply early. Selection is on a rolling basis. All submissions will be treated in confidence. To ensure IQSS selection procedures can be evaluated, this program will try to favor projects with some clear indication of success within shorter periods of time, when feasible. Although changing the research question along the way is perfectly fine, clarifying your metrics for success up front will be helpful. IQSS decision processes will attempt to ignore all political and other considerations aside from the criteria discussed above, no matter how laudable they may seem.