You may follow one of two application tracks, depending on the stage of development of your extraordinary claim:

  1. If you have a clear idea of the nature of your extraordinary claim and what extraordinary evidence you think will be necessary to convince others of it, send a two page PDF proposal to describing the claim, the evidence needed to support it, the likelihood of success, and how different parts of IQSS research services and infrastructure (e.g., people, space, projects, etc.) may be able to help.  Please provide some indicator of what you need. The PDF should include a link to your website (and may optionally include links to any other information you wish to provide).

  2. If development of your extraordinary claim is at a nascent stage and you would like to learn more about how IQSS resources can accelerate this and other research projects, then please talk with us before writing a proposal by emailing We can provide access to experts in statistics, programming, and project management, who can offer guidance as you develop your research project(s) and ultimately help determine whether it would be useful for you to submit a proposal to the Extraordinary Claims Program.


Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Can a PI submit a collaborative request?

A: Yes, a PI may submit a collaborative proposal. To qualify for a collaborative award, a project must list at least two investigators, all of whom meet the program’s eligibility criteria.

Q: Do I need to include a budget?

A: You do not need to put dollar figures on the proposal for portions that involve IQSS infrastructure or personnel. If your proposal requires additional funds, indicate the type and amount of support you need, even in general terms if you do not know specifics. IQSS will then meet with you and match your needs to internal IQSS research support as part of the proposal phase.

Q: Who can answer other questions about this program?

A: For administrative questions, contact Pat McVay, IQSS Director of Business Operations,; for data science related questions, contact, Steve Worthington, Data Science Services Manager, If you need help from other parts of IQSS, talk to Pat McVay or the relevant party.