Research Grants

Harvard Graduate student affiliates may apply for funding to support ongoing or future research activities. These funds may supplement other grant programs and may be used for a wide variety of purposes, including international travel, survey development, human subjects and payments, supplies, technical services, and printing and publication costs. Please note that funds from this grant are not meant to be used for non-specialized research assistance or personal stipend. Crowdsourcing and research assistance for specialized tasks are acceptable uses for these funds. Harvard Graduate student affiliates who receive research grants are expected to be involved in the IQSS community. There is also an expectation that, when ready, grant recipients will submit a one- to three-page narrative report describing their research, which may be featured on the IQSS website.  

  • Eligibility - IQSS Harvard graduate student affiliates who are not graduating this year
  • Amount - $3,000 maximum
  • Deadline - March 15, 2019
  • Notification of Award - April 26, 2019; award distribution in early June.
  • Process - Submit a completed IQSS Graduate Student Funding Application (see attached file), and a detailed budget to A letter of recommendation is also required from a Faculty member. Please have the recommender send their letter to
graduate_research_funding_app_2019.docx302 KB