Remote Administration

For physical servers that we host, we offer administrative access without the need for physical contact through remote graphical consoles, serial consoles, and power management tools. Using the remote administration service in combination with our Monitoring service reduces drastically the time of most server outages. In emergency situations, you can address the problem immediately, without waiting for support personnel to respond.

Our remote administration service provides console access to your server from any web browser with Java support. Serial console access also is available via SSH. In the event of a network interface failure on your hosted system you have persistent access to the server via the remote console. If your server locks up completely you can access its power feed remotely to reboot it.

Any hosted system with a display device can be configured for remote console access, which provides a graphical remote desktop that includes keyboard and mouse support without the need to run additional services. Any hosted system with serial line login support also can be configured for textual serial console access.

Virtual media support enables you to access a CD-ROM or DVD-ROM drive on your desktop workstation from your hosted server by using the web-based console viewer running on your desktop workstation. This provides remote access to removable media for software installation and can reduce the need to copy files over the network.