Confidential Data

It is your responsibility to follow Harvard's policies on data security while working with our systems.

Be aware that data that contains information about students or is related to Harvard's business and operations can be classified as confidential and require special handling. In addition, private data that could be associated, even indirectly, with a specific individual usually is considered high-risk confidential information; such data can be stored and processed only on specially designated computer systems.

Please refer to for detailed information on Harvard's policies. If you have any doubt whether your data should be classified as confidential, please contact the University Technology Security Officer listed on the previously listed site.

Special Considerations

If your research requires that you work with confidential data, please contact us. We are happy to consult with you to create a workflow that enables you to work productively while at the same time complying with data security constraints, and have a number of access control techniquesat our disposal that can be used to selectively grant access to restricted information.

While the University's data security policies might appear onerous, they exist for good reason. We cannot assume full responsibility for your compliance with Harvard's security policy, but we can work with you to find a solution that meets your needs.