Connecting to the Harvard Network

All computers must be registered for use before they are able to connect to the Harvard network. The registration process differs based on the type of connection you are trying to access.

Registering a Computer for Wired Network Access

We recommend our users to use wired network connection if it's possible in the office or location where you're working, you will have a faster and stable connection within CGIS. Wired networking connections must be registered manually for network access. If you are a staff or faculty member with permission to register network devices, use the NOC Tools page to register your computer manually.

If you do not have access to manually register devices in autoreg, please contact us and we will register your computer for you.

Connecting a Computer to a Wireless Network

Please visit for information about which wireless networks are available and the advantages of each.

Connect your computer to one of Harvard's wireless networks.

Once you are connected to WiFi 

Launch a web browser and attempt to load
The browser will automatically redirect to the Harvard wireless registration page.
Read the license agreement, check the "I have read and understand the terms" box and then click Next.
The Computer Registration page appears.
Enter your Harvard Key information and then click Submit. 
The Personal Information page appears.
Enter your personal information in the fields provided, and then click Next.
You are prompted to select the operating system of your computer.
Select the appropriate operation system, and then click Finish.
You receive a message that your computer is registered.
Restart all your browsers to begin using the Harvard wireless network.