Secure Systems

The Desktop Support group supports clients in setting up and maintaining systems that are secure for use with confidential information. Consistent with University policy, all University laptops and all desktop systems with access to file services must be configured securely.

For laptop and desktop systems, the following are required:

  • A password protected screen saver, which activates in 15 minutes or less (as set by Casper or SCCM, where available)
  • Complex passwords, which have a combination of letters, numbers, and special characters, and are at least eight characters in length following Harvard’s password complexity rules
  • A host-based firewall
  • Up to date virus scanning software and virus dictionaries, and regular operating system updates
  • Any service that allows remote login or desktop access to the laptop must be disabled
  • BitLocker and File Vault Encryption is required by the University on all laptops.

For assistance with securing your machine, please contact us.

    Any portable media housing confidential information should be encrypted appropriately, either through hardware encryption (such as IronKey devices) or with software encryption.

Note: No high-risk confidential information (HRCI) should be stored on personal laptops or desktops or portable storage devices. HRCI may be stored on designated and approved servers only.

For assistance with secure system set up, please contact us.