VPN Remote Access

To access your network space while off campus:
Install and configure DuoMobile app on your smart device if you haven't done so already. Details can be found at https://key.harvard.edu
Install Harvard's VPN Client:
 You can obtain this software from http://vpn.harvard.edu
Log in with your Harvard username and Key and additional code from the DuoMobile app. Download and install the Cisco VPN application. When opening the application for the first time, the address to connect to is vpn.fas.harvard.edu

click connect and enter your key information and additional code from DuoMobile.

VPN_step _2
click OK and then you will be asked to acknowledge that the system is for Harvard associates only.


If you accept, the connection process will continue. Once connected, you will be able to connect to departmental shares and other Harvard resources.