Computer Training Lab


Our Computer Training Lab is for instructor-led events that require students to access a computer and follow the instructor. The lab is located in room K018, on the Concourse Level of the CGIS Knafel building, and is only open during allotted reservation times (Monday - Friday, 9-5 Only).

The room has twelve student machines and one instructor machine. There is a ceiling-mounted projector that is connected to the instructor machine by default, but a hookup to another computer, such as a laptop, is also available. The room has several whiteboards, as well as an additional table for handouts. Computer use capacity is 12 students, with an overall room capacity of 30 people.

The computers are OptiPlex 7460 AiO's running Windows 10. Login authentication for the computers uses FAS authentication, and we request all users are already setup to login to the FAS system. Lab access is not required; however, it can benefit users who need to do follow-up work in our main lab. If your event is a one-time event, we can work with you to create a temporary guest login for your event.

Notice: Upon logout, all non-instructor machines are wiped and returned to their previous state, so please backup your data.

Our Computer Training Lab is available for reservation by email. Please contact us with the following information:

  • Date and time of the event (if recurring, start and end dates as well) 
  • Purpose of event
  • Approximately number of attendees 
  • Primary speaker for the event
  • Specific software required for event

To see availability, please check out our calendar.