Lab Software

We work to provide all the software you might need to get your work done. If you find that we are lacking software you need, please email us with a request. 

IQSS Computer Labs has contracted with and installs LabStats tracking software from LabStats. This software is used to record start and end times for Power, Login and Application sessions.  IQSS Computer Labs does not track all software. It is designed to record only activity in explicitly defined executables and web applications. 

Application  macOS     Windows
Abbyy Finereader 14/15   Yes
Adobe Acrobat DC Yes Yes
Adobe After Effects 2021 Yes Yes
Adobe Animate 2021 Yes Yes
Adobe Audition 2021 Yes Yes
Adobe Bridge 2021 Yes Yes
Adobe Character Animator 2021   Yes
Adobe Dreamweaver 2021 Yes Yes
Adobe Illustrator 2021  Yes Yes
Adobe InCopy 2021 Yes Yes
Adobe Indesign 2021 Yes Yes
Adobe Lightroom Yes Yes
Adobe Media Encoder 2021  Yes Yes
Adobe Photoshop 2021 Yes Yes
Adobe Prelude 2021 Yes Yes
Adobe Premiere Pro 2021 Yes Yes
Adobe Premiere Rush 1.5 Yes Yes
Adobe XD Yes  
Anaconda Python    Yes
ArcGIS Desktop 10.8.1   Yes
ArcGIS Pro 2.8   Yes
ArcGIS Business Analyst 10.8.1   Yes
ArcGIS (Esri) Business Analyst Data 2020   Yes
ArcGIS CityEngine 2021   Yes
ArcGIS Data Interoperability 10.8.1 for Desktop     Yes
ArcGIS Maps for Office   Yes
ArcPad 10.2 R6   Yes
Atlas.TI 9 Yes Yes
Atom Yes Yes
Audacity Yes Yes
Autodesk 3ds Max 2022   Yes
Autodesk Autocad 2022   Yes
Autodesk Maya 2022 Yes Yes
Autodesk Revit 2022   Yes
BoxSync Yes Yes
Compressor Yes  
ConTEXT   Yes
CrimeStat   Yes
Dropbox Yes Yes
eCognition Developer 9.5   Yes (1 Floating License)
Emacs Yes Yes
EndNote Yes Yes
Envi 5.6.1   Yes
ERDAS ER Mapperrr 2020   Yes
ERDAS Imagine 2020   Yes
FileZilla   Yes
Final Cut Pro Yes  
Firefox Yes Yes
FME Desktop 2020.   Yes
Garageband Yes  
Gephi Yes Yes
GeoDa 1.14 Yes Yes
Geographic Calculator 2020   Yes
Ghostscript   Yes
Git/Github Yes Yes
Global Mapper 22   Yes
Google Chrome Yes Yes
Google Drive Yes Yes
Google Earth Pro Yes Yes
Gsview   Yes
NoMachine (RCE Version) Yes Yes
IBM SPSS 27 Yes Yes
Igor Pro Yes Yes
iMovie Yes  
Iron Python   Yes
JMP Pro 16 Yes  Yes 
Keynote Yes  
Logic Pro X Yes  
LyX Yes Yes
MainStage 3 Yes  
Matlab 2021a (b coming soon) Yes Yes
Mendeley Desktop Yes Yes
Microsoft Access 2019   Yes
Microsoft Excel 2019 Yes Yes
Microsoft OneNote Yes Yes
Microsoft Powerpoint 2019 Yes Yes
Microsoft Publisher 2019   Yes
Microsoft Visio 2019   Yes
Microsoft Word 2019 Yes Yes
miktex-texworks   Yes
Minitab 19   Yes
Motion Yes  
Mplus 7.11 Base Program & Combination Add-On    Yes
Notepad++   Yes
NVivo   Yes
Numbers Yes  
Pages Yes  
PuTTY Yes  
QGIS 3.20.1 Yes Yes
Rhinoceros 7 Yes Yes
R/RStudio Yes Yes
SAS 9.4   Yes
SecureCRT   Yes
Sketchup 2021   Yes
Skype Yes Yes
StataMP 17 Yes Yes
StatTransfer 15 Yes Yes
sublime_text Yes Yes
TerrSet 2020   Yes
texmaker Yes Yes
texstudio Yes  
TextWrangler Yes  
The UnArchiver Yes  
uDig Yes  
VLC Yes Yes
WinEDT 10.2   Yes
Wolfram Mathematica 12.3 Yes Yes
XCode Yes  
Zotero Yes Yes