Frequently Asked Questions

Can I eat in the lab?

While we want you to keep hydrated, we ask that you do not display or consume food during your time in our labs.  Please dispose of any food outside of our lab as we strive to keep our area free of mice, rats and other creatures that also love to consume wires. 

Can I use my own paper in the printer?

Of course, so long as you verify that you are using paper verified to work with laser printers. We keep supplies of speciality paper behind the helpdesk, including card stock, A3, 11x14, and acid-free. Please see the help desk assistants for more information.

Does the lab sell or distribute software?

We stopped distrubiting software in 2015. However a lot of the software we have installed has free trials or free or low cost academic licenses available. FAS/GSAS-affiliated patrons, please check out the FAS Downloads Page as it may have the software you are looking for.

How long can I check out items for?

Normally, we request that all of our items be returned thirty minutes before the helpdesk closes on the same day. We can make accommodations if you need a more extended checkout; please see the helpdesk assistant or lab manager for questions.

All Item checkouts are only available Monday - Friday, 9 AM to 4:30 PM.

If you need permanent I.T.-related items for your office, please get in touch with the IQSS/HMDC Client Support Services​​​​​​​ team.

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